BIMICO’s Foundation



The company formerly known as Song Be Mineral Exploiting and Exporting Company (SOBEMINEXCO), was established on 13th Jan 1993 under the decision of People’s Committee of Song Be province. In 2016, the state completely divested, BIMICO becomes non-state enterprises. Share are held by companies, funds, internal staffs and shareholder. BIMICO has proved itself to be a leader in mining and construction in the market.



Subordinate Enterprises


1- Concrete Drains Production Plant


2- Phuoc Hoa Brick Production


3- Tan My Stone Exploitation and Processing Division


4- Tan Dong Hiep Exploitation and Processing Division


5- Phuoc Vinh Stone Exploitation and Processing Division


6- Minh Long Kaolin Exploitation and Processing Division


7- Dat Cuoc – KSB Industrial Development Company  –view more — 


8- BIMICO Mineral water plant – Silk Water   — view more —




Until year 2020, BIMICO becomes a leading supplier of Southeast Vietnam in producing building materials, especially high quality stone for construction.



Always creative, expand resources and scale of operations, apply advanced technologies, standardize products and services. To be a reliable partner of construction contractors, participate in major projects of country in the Southeast region